Background & Credentials


  • MSW from Columbia University, New York City
  • LCSW in NJ & NY
  • International Speaker & Counselor
  • Decade of experience as an EAP counselor (employee assistance program)
  • Prior Manager of Training & Wellness for a boutique Manhattan EAP
  • Highly sought-after workshop facilitator, speaker & corporate trainer
  • Certificates in:
    • Applied Positive Psychology
    • CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)
    • Executive Coaching
    • Music Therapy from India 
    • Reiki 1
    • Pranic Healing
  • Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Training in Instructional Design
  • Red Cross CISD Training
  • Fluent in Gujarati
  • Published Author
  • Singer & Performing Artist

"There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle..."

                                        - Robert Alden

About Me

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Wellness Around The World, LLC is an expression of my purpose and passion in life.  As a psychotherapist, life and executive coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator, I'm dedicated to helping people around the world live happier and meaningful lives.  Whether it is supporting  someone through  an adversity, providing them with tools they need, or helping them embrace their dreams and live a life that is in alignment with their purpose, every moment that I spend with my clients  is an absolute privilege.

We are on this planet for a brief period of time, and I believe in the importance of making peace with the past, learning how to enjoy and savor the present and taking steps today towards a future that is calling out to us.

My background and credentials are provided to the right but a little bit about myself. I have been passionate about helping people to live happier lives since I was a child.  I have utilized tools from a variety of disciplines and practices to maintain my own well-being and am committed to continuous improvement. Aside from my professional background, I'm also a singer, performing artist, writer, passionate journal writer and photographer.  I'm an avid traveler and love to learn about the wisdom of cultures from around the world.  I am Indian-American and feel blessed to have been raised in America and also exposed to my roots in India. I consider myself a global citizen, and dedicated to helping those around me in any part of the world, in any way that I can.  I hope you enjoy exploring this site which is continuously evolving on its own journey of growth.

Please click on "Publications" above to order an autographed copy of my published chapters: "Light The Way!" in the multi-author book Spiritual Leaders (2017) and "Hold On To The Paperclip" in The Empowerment Manual (2015), both published by Visionary Insight Press.  Please take a few minutes to explore my site and the various ways I can assist you.