"I am a former student of M.V.M. Arts College, Rajkot, India...I'm preparing for my PhD entrance exam. I heard you speak in 2012 & 2013 at the college. You delivered "Tools for Well-Being" and "Learning Life's Lessons through Journal Writing"...those were GREAT AND MEMORABLE workshops. I'm inspired to get reconnected with you. "
                                                - Gayatri (Rajkot, INDIA)

Some Client Testimonials

"When I joined Kalpana's workshop, I really needed a change in my work. She is so insightful, a very good mediator.  I felt I made peace with my old business and am ready to start the new."
                     -  Handan (Istanbul, TURKEY)

"I started seeing Kalpana Parekh in March of 2015. That February, my engagement was broken off and I was in a rut in my life.  I had over 10,000 dollars in credit card debt and was feeling down about myself. Because Kalpana knew of my financial situation, she was willing to work with me regarding my financial obligations and worked with my insurance company.  My confidence was at an all-time low, so it was a crucial time for me to work on myself.

After Kalpana and I built a therapeutic alliance, we started working on various changes. One of the most moving “homework assignments” she had me do was write a letter to my ex-fiance expressing my emotions and then share it with her. It was extremely moving and brought out a lot of emotions in me.  As time passed, I built up more and more confidence within myself which led to positive changes all throughout my life. I quit smoking, I have lost 38 pounds, I've redeveloped strong relationships with my brother and friends I lost touch with, I've learned to not sweat the things out of my control, and regained the confidence I had lost. I realized what I'm looking for in a partner, which helped me to start dating again and eventually led to dating my current girlfriend whom I'm very happy with.

I've also had a lot of positive development in my career thanks to Kalpana helping me think outside the box. I know that these positive developments have been brought on by a lot of hard work by myself but I also know I wouldn't have been able to initiate these changes without Kalpana. For that, I'm forever grateful for her and would highly recommend her to any friends, family, or loved ones."

                                - Chris (Westfield, NJ)

"Kalpana is a dynamic, inspirational teacher. Attending her workshop helped me identify the barriers I was using to block my success. With the tools I now have, I am ready to move forward in my new career..."
                            - Penny  (Boulder, Colorado)

"Kalpana has helped me with my personal goals. She is a confident, knowledgeable, professional life coach who empowers her clients to make positive changes in their life. She is easy to connect with and provides a genuine interest in helping her clients. She is flexible with her schedule and accessible in between coaching sessions. I have started to make positive changes to my life."
                                                      - Life Coaching Client

                                                                            (Edison, NJ)

"Attending Kalpana's workshop helped me gain the clarity I needed in order to focus myself and take the action needed to make my dreams come true. Kalpana is very professional and has an amazing skill of being able to connect with people.  She helped me overcome my barriers towards success."     
                      - William (San Francisco, CA)

"Kalpana was AMAZING! She is warm, caring, real and connects with people right away. She is extremely knowledgeable and leaves the group feeling inspired. Please send her back again!"
        - Museum professional  (New York, NY)

"If you're not completely happy with your work or career, Kalpana can help you transform to something much better. She is a creative and innovative presenter that gives real-life examples as well as practical exercises. If you want to get to a better place, Kalpana's workshop can help you get there. She's amazing!"

                                                                          - Michelle, MBA
                                                         (Walnut Creek, California)