I have conducted workshops at schools, universities & colleges, corporations, museums, non-profit organizations, libraries, homes, and small businesses.

Seminars and workshops  are typically 1-3 hours.  Workshops are designed to include an interactive element, whereas seminars may be more didactic and delivered in a shorter time frame.  Webinars are also offered for certain topics.  The Louise Hay based workshops may be 1 day or 2 day workshops as well.

I am passionate about learning and creating a learning environment that is positive, inspiring and useful for those I teach.  My workshops and seminars provide you with practical tools for living a happy, flourishing life. 

While I offer a wide spectrum of topics, and new topics are always arriving on the scene, here are some of the workshops I created recently and currently facilitate:

  • Love Yourself, Heal Your Life (based on the philosophy of Louise Hay)
  • Building Resilience
  • Journal Writing for Well-Being©
  • Tools for Well-Being©
  • Motivating Students©
  • The Healing Power of Indian Classical Music©
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence in Education©


Workshops & Seminars